Put your channel on autopilot.

Choose from 25+ composable rules to automatically curate meaningful content in your channel.

Used by hundreds of beloved channels

Token gate your channel

Full support for ERC-721, ERC-1155, and ERC-20 tokens across all major networks.

Fully customizable moderation rules

25+ composable rules to automatically filter out and promote meaningful content in your channel.

Team based moderation

Distribute work between teammates and community members with Moderation Roles.

Moderate directly in Warpcast

Use cast actions to ban, hide, curate, or whitelist any account, directly in Warpcast.

Farcaster native integrations

Support for Hypersub, Paragraph, OpenRank, Warpcast and more.

Collaborate with Teams

Grant your teammates access to your channel and work together to moderate your community.

Measure your success

Real time analytics to help you understand how your community is growing and how your moderation is performing.

Generous pricing

Automod has a generous free tier fit for 90% of channels on Farcaster.